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Julia’s Wedding

Food for thought

Julia and Simon are currently having thoughts about the food at their wedding; whether to choose a traditional sit down meal or whether to do something slightly different and have food served throughout their drinks reception, as progressive canapes. The food at Larmer Tree has so many tasty options and Julia and Simon like the idea of lots of mini canapes, to ensure people are still full but can mingle and socialize with lots of different people, instead of sitting down at a table for a couple of hours. It is important to Julia that people are enjoying the occasion, and that her and Simon get to speak to all of their guests, and therefore having their ‘stand up meal’ would work really well for this.

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Canapes main and startersFrom mini steak fillets, to mini bangers and mash, the food is certainly making us feel peckish to look at! Julia and Simon like the sound of all of the different options Larmer Tree offer, the decision now is what ones to choose!

Continuing with the ‘mini’ theme for the food, desserts would also be small and tasteful- however Julia and Simon would like a dessert buffet table instead of the desserts served around to the guests. Therefore people are able to have as much as they want if they are sweet lovers!

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