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So you wake up with a smile on your face only to look out the window as the rain clouds arrive, and think “why didn’t we decide to marry abroad?”.  The truth is you really can make a spectacle out of the weather and it really doesn’t need to ruin things! Plus its just another excuse to buy some cute accessories so read on and check out some of our ideas…

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This lovely image was taken by the talented Jonathan Ryan  who did the photography for one of the weddings to be featured in the second series of Three Grand Weddings on Wedding TV which our very own Melanie is the presenter of.  In this picture gorgeous bride Gemma had to make a dash for it with her Dad as the rain fell just as her car arrived at the Church – but look at the smile on her face!  It certainly didn’t badly impact on the day – the sun shone as they came out of the Church! 

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If you are worried about weather being an issue make sure you have all the appropriate accessories which are out there to make sure it is a success embracing the weather, after all it really can make for some wonderfully quirky photographs. Wellies for you and your partner can be both practical and effective in photographs and grab yourself some umbrellas to make sure you really can make a  light hearted joke of  what may look like a bad situation and you could even get them to match your color scheme.

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You don’t even look at this photo and see the umbrella as a bad thing – such a great shot!

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Ushers really can have their uses!

And its just for the girls – here at one of our weddings from 2009 the ushers were really enjoying the brollies being an additional part of their duties when the rain crept in just as the bride was arriving!

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The happy couple making use of the bad weather for a photo opportunity and this makes for a really memorable moment

You can buy all sorts of items for bad weather on your wedding. One company allows you to hire umbrellas so you are well a truly prepared come rain or shine, take a look at Hire-a-Brolly for more information. For Wellingtons look no further than a company called Weddington Boots, they customise wellies so they are extra special!  You could even hire them in for your guests – how about a selection of colours and sizes waiting for your guests if you have a marquee wedding and the rain decides to put in an appearance!  The ladies can take off their heels and  be comfortable and embrace the weather as can the men! Anna, a recent bride of Bellissimo, was give a pair by a friend for her wedding down on the farm so they are not just reserved for the rain.
Anna’s gorgeous personalised wellies!

And its not only the rain that brides needed to be shaded from – one of our beautiful brides from this summer – Caroline shown below with her stunning antique sun parasol – it was a scorching hot day and this was a welcome shade for the bride whilst photographs were taken and it beautifully complimented her gown

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If you are lucky enough to have a really sunny day your guests may need a helping hand with sunscreen – your wedding planner will come well equipped for this but if you don’t have a planner make sure that you give this duty to someone to make sure that people have access to sunscreen and perhaps have access to small bottles of water before and immediately after the ceremony if there is a gap between that and the drinks reception.
With the current Winter wonderland conditions we are experiencing (and expecting more of here in the UK) all those brides with weddings booked from now until Christmas and those in the months next year where snow is yet to appear could well be panicking but fear not! That is the last thing you need to do as the snow really does make for some absolutely stunning photographs and a magical backdrop for your entire day. Grab yourself a beautiful fur shrug, get your wedding venue to light their log fires or light lots of chunky candles or tea lights in pretty votives and you will be set for a truly incredible day with a nothing short or beautiful atmosphere.

 Table setting incorporating winter colour scheme and Christmas Tree in the background

 If you are marrying close to or after Christmas have your wedding venue keep the Christmas decorations and incorporate those into the day

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If you are caught in a really cold snap which you didn’t expect then get your wedding planner or a helper to purchase or borrow a large collection of shawls or wraps or event blankets for the female guests coming along especially if you are having a partially outdoors or marquee wedding – you can drop them on t he back of chair as the chill comes into the air and your guests do not have to worry about getting cold.  Invest in hiring in some patio heaters for the outdoor areas or if its safe to do so what about some outdoor chimneas or fire pits to bring atmosphere and heat to the event. 

If you are worried about the snow and your guests getting to your wedding have your wedding planner or someone who can help you call around your guests for those who have 4 wheel drive vehicles.   At least  if you have a list of those who have one or access to one and the weather ends up being difficult for guests to travel you can try to get guests to help each other out to get to the church/venue by making use of these vehicles to combat the conditions.  

With your food and drink keep your guests warm after the service – serve warm Pimms or mulled wine so your guests can clutch the glasses to keep their hands warm and that way you may even get some outdoor photographs in before your guests need to get inside!  Keep your guests fed with canapes or roast chestnuts before your wedding breakfast is served

 Some lovely ideas to embrace the winter wedding theme

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At Bellissimo always make sure we have a good weather and bad weather plan for all of our couples no matter what time of the year it is. An we always come prepared with our beautiful bridal umbrellas within your colour scheme to make sure you stay looking amazing on your wedding day and we are always there to run around where needed to protect the bride on her outside in unkind weather. Rain is meant to mean good luck – so stay positive, make sure you enjoy yourself, and remember that the weather will only add to the uniqueness of your wedding day – it can’t ruin it if you are well prepared.

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  1. I understand why couples turn their noses up at the thought of rain on their wedding day, but I think, so long as it’s not a torrential downpour, it’s something that makes the whole wedding even more memorable.

    Some of the coolest wedding photos I’ve taken have been in the rain.


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