Going for Gold!


As Olympic fever really hits the country today with the opening ceremony this evening, we thought we’d treat you to a little Olympic inspired blog!
If you fancy an Olympic themed wedding or party, then let our mood boards below inspire your décor and theming!
A true Olympic theme

Or why not go back to the Olympics roots and go for a Grecian theme for your special day.

Or if you’re feeling very patriotic with all the celebrations in Britain this year, how about a Best of British or London insipred theme?

Alternatively, if you don’t want to theme your day with the Olympics but still want to get into the spirit, why don’t you incorporate your very own mini games into your wedding day? Revert your guests back to their childhood and treat them to some fun and silly games and races- very nostalgic!
Image courtesy of Joel Smith Photography
Getting all your guests involved will really bring everyone together and the laughs will be endless! Even those who don’t want to participate will have a great time but we think you’ll be surprised at how many people  really get into the spirit and want to join in!
A mini games will also make for some very special photo opportunities and will ensure your guests will never forget your day!
The nostalgic silly sports are the best so that its fun and not taken too seriously- although you can guarantee there will always be one competitive one!
How about a sack race?
Image courtesy of Joel Smith Photography
Or Egg and spoon race?
Image courtesy of phweddings.co.uk
Or tug of war?
Image courtesy of activehire.co.uk
Or a wheel barrow race?
Image courtesy of Leslie Ann Mills
Or a sandcastle building competition if you’re on the beach- would be perfect for Beach Weddings Bournemouth
Image courtesy of leighton-orient-blog.blogspot.com
Or a three-legged race?
Image courtesy of alexbecket.co.uk
Or why not put your guests into teams and play baseball or rounders or good old English cricket?!
Image courtesy of Sundberg Photography
Some other ideas for you are  welly throwing, balancing bean bags on your head, obstacle course, quoit throwing to see who can throw theirs the furthest, relay racing- theres so many endless possibilities!
To give your guests something to really remember your day by it could be a great idea to order some personalised gold, silver and bronze medals that have been personalised with the Bride and Groom’s names with the date of your wedding to congratulate those who take part in your games! This alone will bring out the competitiveness in your guests who will revert back to their childhood with the desire to win a medal!
Image courtesy of amazon.co.uk
All that’s left to say is good luck in your competition! Enjoy the opening ceremony- you never know you might get some wedding inspiration from there!

Mood board credits

Olympic colours mood board
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Red flowers-bouquetweddingflower.co.uk
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Grecian theme Mood Board
(Left to right)
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Best of British
(Left to right)
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