Grooms : The New Wedding Planners?


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An interesting new survey reveals that actually your Grooms are now more than ever getting involved in helping to plan your big day.  

Here at Bellissimo we are part of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners and whilst thinking about this rather interesting shift in trend ourselves we came to the conclusion that actually there may be a point to raise here. Did you know that, “almost 84% of UKAWP Members who responded to the survey have noticed Grooms becoming more involved in wedding planning over the last 2-3 years”.  At Bellissimo we run a number of venues and we offer bespoke planning services and we have certainly noticed a real shift.  Looking at our weddings over the past few years approximately half of all of our Bellissimo weddings have had the Groom as the main point of contact rather than the bride.  With our Beach Weddings Bournemouth venue more than half of all of our contact is with the Groom rather than the Bride which is quite surprising when you look at it and look back at how things used to be.

OK so maybe gone are the days where the responsibility for Grooms ended at the proposal, stag do and choosing a Best Man. However we can’t help but think that some of our Brides may think twice before going beyond this responsibility- or maybe we have it wrong? We guess its not that we don’t trust their decision making skills, it’s just we have better taste right?

The results of the survey conducted by UKAWP of its members in 2013 show that 82.1% of their members believe couples are using Pinterest or other similar mood board devices to help plan their big day- so surely this is making life easier for the keen groom-to-be. A recent article by the Daily Mail showed that a doting Groom Ryan Leak,  proposed and married his girlfriend Amanda on the same day after finding out from a friend this was her dream. So using her ‘My Dream Wedding’ board on Pinterest planned her dream wedding and even picked the dress. Is this the extreme case scenario or a secret dream of yours too?

Naturally there are going to be elements of any wedding which are more suited to the Bride or Groom – nobody expects the Groom to get fully absorbed in discussions about the bridesmaids’ hair for example – but it’s important there is room for the Groom to stand out on his big day too. We figure that with a lot of couples now paying for their wedding themselves it’s only natural for Grooms to want involvement as well.

Grooms were typically used to taking a back seat in the wedding planning process and content to plan the honeymoon and what cool car they’d be driving to the reception. Yet the survey conducted by UKAWP shows that their members have noticed a 55% increase in the involvement of Grooms being the main port of call when choosing the food, drinks, transport, entertainment and even the venue.

So what does all this mean?

So it may not be as scary as you think – perhaps you can start trusting your men! Maybe they are actually quite good at the planning side and sharing the burden of all the decisions to be made could give the Bride some light relief and allow her to get on with the things she really wants to be involved with.

We think that sharing and planning the big day is an important process in any engaged couples life, but we must remember why it is you are getting married in the first place. Surely it’s better for you to be involved as a unit and remember that the wedding is a celebration of both of your commitments, so maybe share the load after all it’s what marriage is all about. 

Photo by Emma Lucy Photography

(Image courtesy of Emma Lucy Photography)

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