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 If you look across wedding forums on the internet, it would seem that one of the most difficult decisions to make when planning your wedding is choosing the names for your tables. But picking your table names can be fun and allow you to be creative as a couple. Pick something personal and meaningful to you or something that fits into the theme of your day. We thought we would give you a helping hand and have come up with some ideas for you below.

Special places to the couple- places with special memories together or places of meaning to the couple e.g. names of street they grew up, where they went to uni etc
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The word ‘love’ in different languages- It might sound a little cheesy but can look really elegant and after all, it is a very romantic day!
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Hollywood actors and actresses or Titles of Movies- This can work well if you’re having a really glamorous theme or if you’re both movie buffs. 
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Names of beaches- This has been popular among our couples at our venue, Beach Weddings Bournemouth. Many of our couples have chosen beaches around the world as their table numbers and then displayed them on a map of the World for a table plan.
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Flower names- Perfect for an English country wedding
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Cities or countries- choose cities you have traveled to together and therefore have a special meaning or if you haven’t had the chance to travel together very much then the names of the Cities you want to travel to together, looking forward to your future married lives together.
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 Song titles- choose songs that have meaning to you as a couple or your favourite songs. Or why not name each table after a different word in your first dance and keep your guests guessing as to what it will be!
Famous Landmarks of a favourite city or special place
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Traditional table numbers- these aren’t so popular now but are perfect if you want the detail to be in the colour scheme and not the theme as such. You don’t have to opt for the normal consecutive numbers 1-8. One of our couples had very bizarre table numbers- we were trying to work out what they were for ages but couldn’t! There wasn’t any correlation at all. It was a real talking point as none of the guests knew what they represented either, not even the Brides Father, who had made the table numbers knew what they meant! All was revealed in the Groom’s speech. One was the number of their house, one the number of seconds they had been engaged, one the number of hours they had known each other, etc- each number had a special link to the couple.
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Take inspiration from your venue- e.g. if your venue is a castle, use names of Kings and Queens
Words associated with the season of your wedding- e.g. winter- snow, icicle, blizzard, for a Christmas wedding the 12 days of Christmas would make great festive table names
Cocktails- if you are a party couple then there are some great cocktail names
Titles of books- You would actually put books on the table as the table name rather than having a card with the table name on
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Famous partnerships- This could be a really fun one to create- it could be people or food, for example Ginger and Rogers or Fish and Chips!
What names did you choose for your tables? We would love to hear your thoughts or see some pictures!

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