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The tradition of a wedding cake is believed to date back to the Medieval times. Originally made of wheat which was a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Since then it has evolved into something so much bigger with cakes now looking like stunning pieces of art with so many flavours to choose from it really does become such a huge decision in the wedding planning process.

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Amazing chocolate fudge wedding cake by the talented Lisa Notley. 
Melanie had this cake for her own wedding so can certainly vouch for how wonderful it was!

Traditional wedding cakes used to be one tiered with multi -tiered cakes reserved for English royalty. Now we see wedding cakes with all sorts of numbers of tiers with some elaborate creations. All the flavours you can imagine can now be used as the basis of these cakes.

As with everything cakes seem to go in and out of fashion  Since the summer we have seen the increase in couples choosing alternatives to the traditional tiered wedding cake. Traditionally  fruit based cakes  with white icing was the choice for  a wedding. However a good wedding cake creator can normally offer you a range of flavours – why not have each tier in a different flavour and maybe one in traditional fruit to keep for the future? 

Cupcakes have seen a rise in popularity over the past few years and it still seems to be a choice for some brides for 2011 and 2012 weddings.  It is a bit of a “Marmite” thing – either we find brides who are set on having a tower of cupcakes or during our initial consultation the conversation gets on to cakes and its a definite “no” to cupcakes with traditional cakes ruling the way!

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Cupcake tower created by Fox’s Cupcake Company. 

Fox’s Cupcake Company based in Dorset can create some delicious cupcakes in all manner of colours and flavors. In the image above you can see a selection of cupcakes in a tower with one tier of a traditional cake on top. To incorporate both the traditional and this new cupcake fashion this could be a good option. 

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A wonderful cupcake tower with miniature and standard cupcakes coordinated with the couple color scheme and a traditional one tier cutting cake on top which is a good idea if you would still like to have the tradition cake cutting photograph/ceremony.

If your looking for something a bit different this is available in the form of alternative wedding cakes and other delightful treats! The Wedding Cheesecake Co will supply you with a cake but this is no ordinary cake it is one which is layers of cheese! For all you cheese lovers out there this is the perfect wedding item for you. It will give the guests something to talk about when they walk in and instead of seeing an iced cake they see a fabulous selection of cheeses,  this can be taken and cut down in the kitchen to serve as an alternative to desert or perhaps a cheese course following desert or maybe used for your evening buffet served with a beautiful cascade of breads and olives and fruits. This can be a good way of saving some costs on the day.

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Another little idea- decadent miniature cakes on lolly sticks. Dipped in chocolate and coated in your choice of sprinkles or drizzles.

The Cupcake Boutique based in Dorset have introduced the Dorset wedding world to a little thing called “whoopie pies”. Described as a sinfully sweet sandwich, these are an alternative to the fashionable cupcakes. They are sandwiches of cakes filled with cream or frosting. The Cupcake Boutique are offering five flavors currently consisting of: Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, Chocolate, Raspberry truffle and Passion fruit. Alternatively they will be happy to try out any new flavors you may have in mind. 

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The wonderfully colorful Whoopie Pies! 

Cupcake & Co  based in Poole Dorset can create stunning cupcakes with any of your ideas. Established in April 2009 by a mother and daughter team their cupcakes are of the highest standard and they are created with you in mind.
These cupcakes were created by Cupcake & Co for one of our brides in 2010. Lemon cupcakes with vanilla frosting and edible gold leaf. The bride and groom didn’t want a traditional cake with cake cutting so decided on these elegant cupcakes that fitted in effortlessly with their vintage theme.

(photo courtesy of Cupcake & Co)
What about Louise Sinclair of award winning Dorset based Couture Cake Company who creates beautiful bespoke cakes designed to your specific needs. Also a patisserie queen Louise is perfect for all your event needs. After making cakes and other treats for friends and family Louise decided to turn this passion into a business and is in the process of completing all sorts of  further certificates in sugar craft, patisserie, baking and confectionery.
A recent New York skyline cake created by Couture Cake Company for a surprise birthday party which we recently planned for one of our clients.
Fancy a cupcake in a jar? Or what about an apple pie flavored cupcake look no further than Lulubelles Cakes. Available in a huge array of flavors and themes they can create your dream cupcake selection.
 Beautiful pastel cupcake tower from Lullabelles
Cupcake jars from Lullabelles- a possible wedding favor idea or just a lovely unique gift for someone. 

Representing togetherness the traditional cake topper became a huge craze in the 1950’s in the United States. Traditionally it would be the bride and groom in formal attire, with the bride in her white dress and veil and the groom in his suit. However this has changed with the times and now you can get almost anything to decorate the top of your wedding cake.

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Traditional wedding cake topper. 

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A non traditional yet very chic wedding cake topper. Perfect for all those couples going for a very modern wedding. 
Or you could opt for a fun and very modern cake topper like those created by Nikki from Cake by  Creative Cakes by Nicki/Clay Buddies 
If you have a real sweet tooth there are so many other ways to incorporate lots of treats for you and your guests. How about a candy buffet table? filled with your favorite sweets. American queen of candy buffet/dessert tables Amy Atlas. Her creations are a sweet lovers heaven. 

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An example of a Candy Buffet table that can be colored to match the scheme of the day.

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 A stunning creation by Amy Atlas

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The work of the amazing Amy Atlas
Locally in Dorset you can have your very own dessert bar created for your wedding or event  by Sweet Dream Events – Hannah is extremely talented and her work which you will find details of on her website speaks for itself  Sweet Dream Events

Going for a vintage theme? What about a wonderful vintage ice cream van to arrive during the wedding breakfast to serve some delicious traditional ice cream to all the guests. Vintage scoops will serve traditional home made ice cream out of there beautiful 1950s ice cream van named ‘Betty’
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Betty would be a great addition to anyone’s event.

I hope this has given you some ideas for your wedding day. When going to discuss having your wedding cake made be sure to sit down and express all your ideas, companies are willing to do as much as they can to make sure your cake or your alternative is the way you want it. Try to have a taste of the type of cake or treat which you intend to serve as some cakes can look great but the taste is so important so be sure to try too – that’s one of the great sides of planning your wedding! 

For more help on supplier sourcing for your cake or sweet treats then contact us

We would be happy to help!

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