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Chairs might seem like a fairly boring topic in planning your wedding but they can be really important for the styling of your day so its something really important to think about.
If you’re having a marquee wedding, there is a huge array of choice available to you in many styles and colours to suit your colour scheme.
Cheltenham style chairs are probably the most common but could be considered a little out-dated. We much prefer these Camelot style chairs. If you fancy something very trendy and modern why not try polycarbonate chairs. They come in loads of colours and styles so you could have some real fun with them. Or for something simple yet very beautiful how about simple white padded folding chairs like the ones we use at Beach Weddings Bournemouth. They work really well to keep the colour scheme light and fresh and are great space savers because they are folding.  Our couples personalise their wedding by adding buckets of flowers or hanging wicker hearts or ribbons from the aisle chair to create a wonderful feature – the possibilities are endless. 

The chairs we use at Beach Weddings Bournemouth shown here with a pretty little bucket arrangement with blue striped ribbon to tie in with the theme of the wedding 

Image courtesy of Ian H Photography
Image courtesy of www.eventfurniture.com
A traditional Cheltenham style chair with coloured seat pad. This example is gold but they are also available in silver, black and wood.

Image courtesy of www.eventfurniture.com

Image courtesy of www.eventfurniture.com
Camelot style chairs are now very popular, again they can come with almost any colour pad, and the actual chairs are available in more colours from silver, gold, white, tabacco and limewash. These chairs look great with sashes too and are great for hanging decorations.
Image courtesy of www.eventfurniture.com
These are some of the colours available for the cushion pads- theres one to fit every colour scheme! Although we would recommend sticking to a fairly neutral colour such as ivory, this was your colour scheme doesn’t become too overpowering.

Image courtesyof www.kerrymorgan.com
This photo really shows off how well polycarbonate chairs can work at a wedding, they look very elegant and chic but with a real modern twist and definitely gives the room the ‘wow’ factor!

Image courtesy of www.band.co.uk
If you’re going for a brighter and bolder colour scheme, polycarbonate chairs are available in loads of colours so you could have some real fun.
Image courtesy of www.eventfurniture.com

We love this polycarbonate spectrum armchair if you’re opting for a fun and funky theme.
If you have some outside space we think it’s a great idea to have some seating available for your guests outside. If it’s a sunny day everyone will want to enjoy the sun, including you so put some chairs and tables outside to make guests feel welcome to enjoy the sun. If you’re intending on having an outdoor drinks reception, some outside seating is a must as there will always be some children or elderly guests who would like to sit down. We can’t guarantee sun for your big day but we can guarantee that there will be some of your guests who will want to escape the marquee for a few minutes for some fresh air and there will always be a few smokers among your guests so providing somewhere for them to sit when they are taking a breather is a great added touch that will be really appreciated. This set of  vintage cream iron table and chairs are very romantic and could work perfectly to bring your theme outside.
Image courtesy of www.vintagevibe.co.uk
If you have space in the marquee, then offering some sofas can really make the difference in the evening and help to ‘zone’ the marquee. Placing some sofas near the bar and dance floor means everyone can still be social together even if they don’t want to dance. Offering sofas also means that your evening guests have some where to base themselves without feeling awkward about sitting at someone else’s table.  Not only that but sofas can add opulence and luxury to a marquee or can make it feel like a trendy wine bar, or a chic hotel if that’s the style you are going for.
Image courtesy of www.concept-marquees.co.uk

Image courtesy of www.marqueemalarkey.com

If you are having your wedding in a venue for example a hotel or country house, you are very unlikely to get a choice in your chairs and will have to make do with whatever they have to offer you. But what happens if your colour scheme is very romantic with pale pinks and creams and the chairs are bright blue, or you just simply don’t like the chairs? There are things you can do. Whilst we’re not the biggest fan of chair covers, they can work wonders and completely transform a room. There are a huge range of styles and colours for you to choose from. There really is every shade of every colour available for the sashes to tie around the chair covers.  Chair sashes can also bring in colour to the room, bringing the whole scheme together. 
Image courtesy of www.weddingchaircoverskent.co.uk
Without the sashes on these chairs, this room would look a little bland. The blue sashes really transform the room and stop it feeling washed out.
Although banqueting chairs do not need covers, they can look amazing with sashes or decorations too. Hanging decorations on the chairs can also look great too.
Image courtesy of www.rachelaclingen.com
We love this example of a Camelot style chair with a tulle flower- it just gives an extra touch. These are an incredibly pretty extra added touch. They look very elegant and romantic and make an otherwise boring chair a real focal point.
It’s the Bride and Groom’s special day, so it can be a lovely idea to distinguish their chairs by hanging decorations on them.
Image courtesy of Steve Koo Photography

 Or if you are true romantics, why not join the Bride and Groom’s chairs together like this one.

Image courtesy of Erin Hearts Court

Image courtesy of www.theknot.com

These chairs are the same as the chairs we use at Beach Weddings Bournemouth. The pew ends would be perfect for the venue and the orange sashes make the chairs bright and colourful and look very stylish!

Happy chair hunting!


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