Nyreen & Andrew

Poole Guildhall Vesuvio

Photos courtesy of Samantha Davis Photography

Nyreen and Andrew came to us in November 2015 in need of a bit of assistance finalising their plans for their wedding in February. Being restauranteurs and with Nyreen’s father being quite unwell at the time, they needed someone on board who could remove some of the pressure of trying to plan the wedding whilst also trying to run a busy restaurant and attending regular hospital visits. In addition to being very busy people, Nyreen and Andrew had also planned to hold their wedding reception at their restaurant, a first for the place, so they wanted someone who could coordinate all the suppliers and work with their excellent staff, so that they could relax and enjoy their wedding and not be restauranteurs for the day.

One of the elements Nyreen especially wanted help with was styling the reception and finding a way to make the restaurant look and feel like a wedding venue but also still like the restaurant they know and love. They wanted a subtle Italian theme, to compliment the cuisine of the restaurant, but also to reflect their elegant, understated personal style. We opted for soft foliage with white flowers and freestanding olive trees placed throughout the dining room to recreate the feeling of eating al fresco on an Italian veranda. We complimented the subtle olive-greens and white with dove grey stationery and napkins and the gentle flicker of candlelight.

The day was full of family, friends and very touching moments, beautifully captured by the fabulous Samantha Davis. Thanks also to our good friends at Arcade Flowers for creating the beautiful floral elements.

We loved being involved in the planning of Nyreen and Andrew’s very special day and it was a real privilege to get to know such a lovely couple and their families. We’re pleased to say the wedding was such a success, they’re now even thinking of offering it as a wedding venue, so we look forward to working with them again in the future.