Rosie & Simon

Minstead Rural Studies Centre

Photos courtesy of Mia Hooper & Adorlee

Rosie and Simon contacted us towards the end of 2015 because they were planning a very relaxed, DIY wedding and wanted to do as much of the planning, making and creating themselves but were concerned that they still wanted to be able to relax and enjoy themselves on the day. Their venue, Minstead Rural Studies Centre, a beautiful, educational holiday centre in the New Forest not only had stunning gardens and open spaces, which provided a gorgeous, natural backdrop for their countryside, marquee wedding but also had a very relaxed approach, allowing Rosie and Simon to get all their family and friends involved in the setting up and decorating, which is exactly what they wanted.

We worked with Rosie and Simon on a final month and on the day basis, starting with a meeting at their venue about 4 weeks before their venue to run through their plans. We then put together a time schedule for the whole day so that they could relax knowing everything would happen when, where, how they wanted it to. Rosie’s mum wanted to create a ‘family feast’ for the food and provided all the food herself but needed a bit of assistance serving and clearing so it was lovely for us girls to get to work together as a team on the day, rather than on our own, as we often do. On the day, we provided a team of staff to plate, present and serve a delicious picnic banquet and then clear everything away so none of the wedding party of guests had to worry about it.

The weather was both glorious sunshine and incredibly heavy downpours, so we were really pleased to be able to hold Rosie and Simon’s beautiful ceremony outside, but then moments after they walked back up the aisle, everyone had to run for cover as the heavens opened. The whole day continued in much the same way but despite having perhaps the muddiest wedding dress we have ever seen by the end of day, Rosie and Simon still barn-danced the night away and had a fabulous day. Thank you to Rosie and Simon for allowing to be a part of one of the most fun marquee weddings we have ever worked on and thank you for reminding us of how much fun it is to run around in the mud in your bare feet!