Plan as you go

A block of our time to help you where you need it most

Ideal for:

Couples who like the idea of a “Wedding PA” service with us working away in the background. Purchase our time in blocks starting with 10 hours and add more as you need it. Use us as and when you need us, e.g a brainstorming meeting at the beginning to get you started, or pull us in when you get stuck on a particular element of planning. Maybe use us on the day just for styling or setting up the venue. Great for couples who don’t necessarily want or need us all the time or for the whole day. Good for couples who want to have a large amount of involvement or pick and choose the bits they want to do themselves.

Example costs:

  • – 10 hours @ £55 + VAT per hour (£660) for one of our Senior Planners
  • – 10 hours @ £45 + VAT per hour (£540) for one of our Wedding Planners

This is what Anne and Chris said about our service who married in the summer of 2016:

“The Plan as you Go worked brilliantly for us.  We had a fairly clear idea of what we were looking for at our wedding, and I wanted to do as much of the organisation as I could, myself.   But partly due to living in London, I was struggling to work out which suppliers would be good value, not let us down, and be able to provide us with exactly what we were looking for, on such an important day! Melanie provided expert guidance, and she gave me straightforward advice that was based on her deep experience of the wedding market place.  From the first phone call, through to the last minute detail, she was calm, and a fun person to work with. She or one of her team, were always on hand to deal with questions, concerns, and the occasional – “help!!”  On an hour by hour basis, she provided excellent value for money, and even though she worked in the background to the wedding, she was an absolutely integral part of its success! Thanks again Melanie!”