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Julia’s Wedding

One of Bellissimo’s Wedding Planners, Julia, is getting hitched next year! A wedding planner by day and now by night, Julia is busy looking at design ideas, venues and catering options. She has a stylish eye for detail and knows what she wants. After managing other couples weddings for years, it is now Julia’s time to focus on her and Simon’s big day.  Follow this blog for regular updates to see how this gorgeous wedding is coming together.

The Venue

Tradition is important to Julia and Simon and therefore Christchurch Priory seems like a perfect ceremony venue for the couple. Prayer and worship have been offered at this stunning church for over 900 years. The ceremony will be lit up by candlelight as they are hoping to get married at early evening in December.

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Julia and Simon love the idea of a barn  for their drinks reception and venue to party the night away. A beautifully converted barn is perfect for an elegant and rustic wedding which is the mix Julia is looking for. Here are some photos of barn weddings and just how ‘wow’ they can look.

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We know whatever venue Julia and Simon pick will look classic and stunning. We look forward to working on the next blog post of their transport!

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