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This past week has seen the colder weather creeping in, with Autumn technically starting on 22nd September this year. Whilst autumn that bring depressing thoughts for some meaning that its almost winter, we think autumn is a wonderful time of the year! So many rich and wonderful colours around as the leaves begin to fall from the trees! Autumn is the perfect time of year to enjoy a walk through the woods or the park, with wellies on, kicking the leaves around.
Autumn weddings are by no means the most popular but they could be considered the most beautiful and interesting with heaps of inspiration if you’re looking for a more rustic, natural wedding.
We’ve put together a moodboard to inspire you for an autumn wedding! There are so many different rich and vibrant colours you could choose from- the silver of the tree bark, the reds and oranges of the leaves, the greens of the vegetables and conkers, the golds of the autumnal sunsets. The colours are simply stunning and all work really well together.


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Wedding dress in the woods-
Cart with pumpkins-
Tree lined avenue-
Green Bridesmaid dresses-
Orange Tree-
Orange Bridesmaid dresses- Todd Rafalovich
Orange tree lined avenue-
Green, yellow, red and orange trees-
Vegetables- Oli Scarff/ Getty Images
Kicking leaves with wellies-
Orange bouquet-
wedding dress with wellies-

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