Baby Showers – The American Way


Baby Showers – American style

It seems like the long-standing American tradition of throwing a baby shower is finally starting to take off in the UK. At last! As a former New Yorker, who has lived in England for the past 6 years, I am thrilled to see that more people are throwing showers as they are such a fab way to celebrate the impending arrival of a little one as well as to help prepare the Mum-to-be for her new role.

While every baby shower is different, there are three parts to a shower that remain consistent– the serving of food and drinks, baby shower games and the giving of baby-related gifts to the Mum-to-be.

Baby showers can range from holding a small get together at someone’s home for a handful of the mum-to-be’s closest friends to a lavish event for 50 + at a restaurant. Anything goes these days. It’s all about what works best for the mum-to-be and the hostess

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