Bournemouth to be the first for UK beach weddings

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Melanie was delighted to receive a call from a journalist last week who wanted to chat with her about the plans for Bournemouth to be the first town in the UK to offer the opportunity for couples to actually have a civil wedding ceremony on the beach.  Today, all the nationals are featuring the story and Melanie is delighted to have been quoted in various features.
How exciting for Bournemouth!  Provided that planning permission is granted, the town will have a luxury cream coloured beach hut to serve as a “chapel” which will be located right on the beach so couples will be able to feel the sand between their toes whilst getting married and their guests would be positioned just outside the beach hut on the sand – either standing or seated to suit the couple.
When Melanie chatted to the journalist about these exciting plans for Dorset she asked what the plan was if the weather was unkind.  We understand that the plans would be for the Council to work in conjunction with local hotels and venues so that a “bad weather plan” can be in place as back up as the beach hut would not be big enough to house guests in the event that the weather is unkind.
We think this is a great development for Bournemouth and will offer an opportunity for couples to actually have a civil marriage ceremony on the sand.  At the present time there are alternatives available by having the legal marriage ceremony performed in a licensed venue and then moving down to the beach for a re-affirmation of vows or a blessing from a civil celebrant but this will present couples a chance to actually marry on the sand.  The Council say that they receive around 60 enquiries a year for real beach weddings.
Let us know what you think – do you think this will prove popular in Bournemouth?  We would love to hear from you!

To read the full story in The Guardian please follow this link The Guardian

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