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With this very “wintery” weather we are experiencing at the moment I thought I would get a little festive with this blog. Christmas time is a time for celebrating with family and friends so why not combine this with a perfect big day with some Christmas theming throughout.
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The Bride
Your probably shivering at the thought of wearing a wedding dress during the festive period. However rest assure that some stunning items can be bought to compliment your wedding dress that will keep you warm!  This lovely fur shrug is just one example.  You could look for a little bolero jacket or a wrap which you could customise with pearls or jewels and remove this when inside for your reception.  Add a little sparkle with a beautiful necklace, and maybe even some ivy and berries in your bouquet for an extra festive feel.
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 Keep warm with a beautiful fur cape
The Groom
You could go for some silver or gold in your waistcoat to compliment to colour scheme or perhaps incorporate some green and red with a lovely cravat.  Mistletoe and ivy could be used within your buttonhole and maybe if your feeling extra festive a festive waistcoat.
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The Decorations
Winter lends itself to being a magical time of year. Your venue could be decorated in a number of ways taking inspiration from the beautiful nature of winter or from the festive cheer of Christmas.  You could have a Christmas tree in which guests could hang messages for you instead of the traditional guest book.  Using ivy, holly and berries along with heaps and heaps of chunky church candles could be used throughout the ceremony location and then brought into the reception room within the centerpieces also make sure for an extra magical feel plenty of fairy lights are used whether that be battery operated ones within the center pieces or traditional fairy lights covering areas of the venue. Tying mistletoe around the napkins can be a quirky way to add even more romance to the day.  Table names could be Christmas inspired with names such as Santa, snow, sleigh or why not name them after Santa’s reindeers it will most definitely but a smile on the faces of your younger guests!
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 Candles used within the center pieces along with twigs and pine cones, creating very inexpensive yet effective centerpieces
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Tree sprigs sprayed white with hanging jewels are such a simple yet effective centre piece or decorative item for your reception venue
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Christmas decorations could be given to guests as favors so they always have a keepsake of the big day that they could use for years to come. These could be personalised.  You could also have any number of Christmas edible treat as your table favours such as a few tied candy cane as above or gold chocolate coins or maybe a mini Italian Panetone for your guests to enjoy with their coffee or they could take away with them.  The German ginger iced biscuits in a pretty bag with ribbons and a personalised tag/label could look beautiful and really wont cost the earth.  The youngest guests could be given a stocking filled with activities each to keep them entertained for the day.

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The Food 
Considering its Christmas time why not give your guests a traditional turkey dinner, placing a turkey in the center of the table and nominating one person on the table to serve to all the guests could be a quirky idea as well as a good ice breaker if not everyone knows each other.  One of our couples from this summer did that with beef and it was a surprise for the nominated “chefs” from each table and hidden under their seats were chefs hats and aprons.  It worked really well and brought some fun into the meal.  Bowls of potatoes and vegetables could be placed in the middle of the table for guests to pass around. 
If this does not suit you or your guests how about chatting with your caterer to design a menu which compliments the season.  Look to have them use seasonal and local produce where available and maybe they could include Christmas vegetables or root vegetables for a warming soup starter or intermediate course.  What about Christmas pudding ice-cream with your dessert? 
Wedding drinks could also have an element of Christmas with serving egg nog, mulled wine and some fruit punch (alcoholic or non alcoholic) or a winter Pimms maybe?

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The idea of a Christmas wedding could be very exciting for some yet in some peoples eyes probably the worst time to pick. In our opinion it is a truly magical and romantic time and for all elements of the wedding the time of year can really help out when it comes to theming the whole day. 
We hope that this little set of ideas has gone some way to help couples who may be having their wedding at this exciting time of year.  We wish you a wonderful Wedding Day!
Frances Edwards

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