Festive cocktail and Canape Parties


As the evenings become colder and darker it makes you start to think about your Christmas plans – and so it should it is only 91 days away!!

Are you thinking about a Christmas party or gathering this year with some of your friends and family? But we then hear you all think of the recurring questions… do I have the time to sort the food and drink whilst sorting Christmas presents? My house will be such a mess afterwards and I will have to spend hours cleaning?

That is where you are wrong!! Simply Gourmet Catering – one of our sister companies are willing to take all that stress away from you. From the comfort of your home they will deliver canapes and drinks and host a fabulous festival cocktail or canape party for you and your guests and then clear it all up at the end of the night – like magical fairies!!

If this is something you are interested in hosting and would love to get all your family and friends together to celebrate Christmas this year then get in touch with us.

Visit their website for more information: http://simply-events.com/simply-gourmet/

Give them a like on Facebook too: Simply Events Facebook

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