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10685522_10152502407891137_1666152361252972864_nMelanie and Lara recently enjoyed a trip up to London for the Brides The Show – they had a great time and came back with lots of inspiration for future weddings. Some of the most striking stands were those of the florists and their use of flower wall. As soon as you entered the show you were greeted with a beautiful aroma of roses and then you saw it, the incredible flower wall created by Mary Jane Vaughan

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Fantastically bold colours for a high impact feature this backdrop turned a few heads. A completely different approach was taken by Wild About who used neutral tones to a truly stunning effect



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These floral creations make for a great backdrop for group photos or for your top table. What is there not to like? This could be the perfect finishing touch to your wedding. Why not talk to your florist about the use of flower walls at your wedding – below are some of our favourite floral walls that we have come across to hopefully provide a little inspiration:


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