Happy Valentines Day!


As Valentine’s day is the most romantic day of the year, we couldn’t let it pass without a little blog, being the soppy romantic ladies we are! A lot of people may believe Valentines to be marketing dribble to get you to buy things but we couldn’t disagree more! Valentines day is a day that you and your loved one can celebrate your relationship and love for one another- a day to spend together and spoil each other, its a day to reflect on that very special thing you are very lucky to have in your life- love.
A lot of you, like us will be working today but we hope you’re all celebrating in some way tonight or perhaps you’re doing something special together at the weekend? Day to day life can be pretty hectic so Valentines day is the perfect excuse to take some time off to spend together.
Here’s a little Valentines inspiration for you. Maybe you’re having a Valentine’s day wedding? How romantic!
Happy Valentines day everyone!

Image credits
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