How to find the right wedding planner for you


Why would you hire a Wedding Planner?

Are you a brand-new bride or groom-to-be? Maybe you have already discovered that planning your wedding is no easy task – it comes with a lot of research, organisation and preparation to create your perfect day. Trying to organise a wedding whilst trying to juggle everyday life, a full time job and your social calendar can be a little overwhelming to say the least.

How are you going to find time to create your budget, find trustworthy suppliers, organise quotes, design your seating plan, set up / decorate your wedding venue and deal with any last-minute emergencies? Maybe its time to think about investing in a wedding planner. At the end of the day, your wedding should be memorable for all the right reasons. Let a planner take all the worries from you – leaving you to feel like a prince or princess and relax on your special day. It may seem like a privilege or a want more than a need. However, that’s not always true.  With all different services to suit all couples and budgets- wedding planners are no longer only for the wealthy or the famous.

We believe that hiring the right Planner might just be one of the best investments you can make up in the lead up to your special day. Having a knowledgeable recruit can save you a lot of time, hassle and stress by doing all the hard work for you. They do say that our time is more valuable than money, right?

With endless connections we will be able to find you professional and reputable suppliers which suit for your wedding and your budget – once again saving you time but also having the right team on board.

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How do you know which Wedding Planner to choose?

So, you’ve decided that hiring a Wedding Planner is the way for you – but, the next difficult step is selecting the right person for you. It’s time to do your research, a reputable planner will be known in the area to suppliers and venues – therefore ask around, who do people recommend?

Not every company is the same, so it’s important you explore what each has to offer before making your decision. Check out their online presence – a planner with experience will be able to show you this through their social media existence along with a professional and informative website. Do their images and information live up to the expectations which you have? All planners will have different skill sets and niches and you need to find one who suits what kind of service you are looking for – do you want someone who has a strong design and styling background background or someone with a strong logistics background? This will depend on the kind of wedding you are planning to have and the kind of person / people you are and where you feel you need the most support.  A good planner should ask you these questions.

Once you’ve done your research, organise a meeting. First things first, make sure the Planner you like the look of are available on the date you wish to get married… if they’re not available then its not worth pursuing your time.  The meeting will either take place face to face or over Skype if you aren’t from the area. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know each other – you need someone with knowledge, confidence, passion and excitement. Planners with those traits will help create your perfect day, they will become your ‘go to’ person- therefore, it’s important you feel at ease communicating and listening to each other. At Bellissimo, we want to not only become your planner but imagine us like your ‘Wedding PA’– we will always be there along the way to support you. We always feel a little lost once one of our couple’s weddings is completed – we get so used to being in contact with you and almost come to know you on a personal basis.


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What is the right wedding planning service for you?

So, you’ve found your ideal Planner, it’s now time to decide what service is right for you. If you’re not sure learn more about each of the services, they offer –  they should be able to help point you in to the right direction.

At Bellissimo, we know that every couple will most likely be looking for something different. Therefore, we have created different planning packages suitable for all different couples and budgets. We find some couples need help and assistance from the word go – or some couples simply just need someone to be their support system in the moth leading up to their wedding.  Either way we are always happy to get involved. Take the time to figure out if you feel like you can handle the initial planning or if you would rather let a professional take the reins.

We have four different services at Bellissimo – having a quick read through each of these should help you decide what is suitable for you:-

Full Planning Service

Our most popular service and the best way to experience the full effect of our knowledge and expertise. Come to us right from the beginning when you decide you wish to get married.  We begin with a consultation to discuss your day in detail discussing ideas you may already have or developing plans and ideas if you are not quite there with decisions.  We literally support you and plan with and for you throughout the whole process from everything from locating the perfect venue right through to helping you select all your suppliers along the way and using your budget wisely. This is a comprehensive service and you will be completely looked after at every step of the way.

Final Three Months/ Partial plan

We have found over time that more and more couples like to start the planning but tend to need more help once the nitty gritty details start getting involved – therefore, we have created the ‘Final Three Months/ Partial Plan’. The Final Three Month service is somewhere in between a full plan and final month co-ordination. We find for some couples that panic can begin to set in around 2/3 months prior especially for busy couples who just have not found the time to get all their suppliers in place.  Maybe you need help with invitations or managing the RSVPs (always a big job!).  Perhaps you have some difficult suppliers and you want to distance yourself from them and have us step in and support you.

Final Month Planning

The Final Month planning is the perfect option for couples who are happy to plan the majority of the wedding however they want to relax and enjoy the lead up to their wedding – rather, than having to finalise all the last-minute details. Our service starts with an initial consultation where we sit down with you and go over all the plans you have made so far and details of all your chosen suppliers.  We will then make contact with all your suppliers and take over the reins from this point up to and including the wedding day itself.  This allows you to take a little step back in the last few weeks leading up to the wedding – allowing you to enjoy the built up and not get stressed with all the final details your suppliers will want to know in the final few weeks.  We can also identify any areas which have been forgotten about and quickly deal with them for you.  We will build a detailed time schedule for the day and circulate to your suppliers so they all know how the day is going to pan out.  On the day you have us there all day to set up and manage the day for you ensuring a smooth and enjoyable day – supporting you and lifting you up on to a cloud all day.

Plan As You Go

You may feel like you have the wedding planning down to a ‘T’. However, there is a certain area of planning you aren’t enjoying or possibly just don’t have the time for? Then our Plan As You Go service would be ideal for you – you basically buy a block of our time to help you were you need it most, whether, you need us to help get your planning started or your stuck on a particular element of planning.  Perfect if you want to use it to brain storm at the beginning of your planning then we can send you off in the right direction and use us as and when you need us. Your Wedding PA right by your side.

And if something doesn’t quite fit, let us come up with a bespoke service for you to suit something in between the above services.

Finally, ENJOY your day…

Once you have found the service for you, relax and enjoy your special day knowing that everything is under control and that your Planner is there to take away any worries or pressures. You and your partner will just have to concentrate on taking the time to enjoy your wedding day together. For a lot of couples their wedding day is something they have spent years dreaming about – so make the most of it and let your dreams become your reality.  It will go in a flash.

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