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Having just received the images from the wedding of Kate and Ben I was thrilled to see that the photographer  Sally Adams, freelance photographer has captured the fun of the couple and their family and friends perfectly.  This day was one which Kate had planned for so well and had been so involved in the creative side of the wedding.  Such a talented and beautiful bride, Kate had gone to such detail in making and creating so many of the decorations which adorned the tables in her marquee – right down to printing hundreds of miniature photographs of family and friends which were then hung with ribbons on the trees which she made as the table centres for the marquee. 
Kate getting ready for her wedding day and looking beautiful 

We were asked to come on board as Kate could see that bringing together her months and months of hard work would need someone else on hand on the day to ensure that she could enjoy the build up of the day and the day itself and there is a lot to think about and do for a marquee wedding.  We worked closely alongside Kate to make sure that the marquee ended up looking how she wanted it to look.  The marquee was built to such high standards by the team at Pole to Pole Marquees and Jason one of the owners of the business ensures that he is on site all day for his marquees and all evening to oversee the power situation – what a godsend with a marquee wedding running on a generator! 
Kate wanted the marquee and the day to have a magical, fairytale feel about it and it was full of decorations with that theme – fairies and goblins and pretty decorations in shades of purple. 
A view of the marquee from the top table 

The napkin table settings with pretty jewelled bracelets and garden leaves for decoration all within Kate’s theme 

The bride arrived at the Church in a fun and funky Cadillac – this wedding was full of unique twists and turns which helped to bring out the personalities of the bride and groom and it was great to see a couple being brave and bold in their choices and not following the norm!  

Here comes the bride!

The bridesmaids looking amazing in deep purple greeting the bride as she arrives for the ceremony – simple posies of lillies for their bouquets 

The happy couple in the Church during the service 

Lovely image of the bride and groom after the service – grabbing some time for some personal shots before heading back to the Marquee to greet their guests 

The confetti shot at the gate of the Church 

Back at the marquee, the guests were treated to a drinks reception of rum cocktails and canapes on the lawn whilst waiting for their bride and groom to arrive.  The inside of the marquee had been kept a complete secret from the guests with the window walls draped from the inside so that guests could not see in!  Inside the marquee we had a reception area where the guests were received on a receiving line but the main section of the marquee was still sectioned off with drapes so that Kate got to do a complete “reveal” of all her hard work so that her guests all saw the finished look at the same time as her – it was a really great moment! 
One of the younger guests enjoying the outside before going into the marquee for the wedding breakfast

The most obvious thing about this wedding was how much fun all the guests were and how much fun they had!  This is really reflected in the photographs and captured so brilliantly.  Guests had an amazing time all day and all night! 
Go girls!  Girls just want to have fun! 

The groom making a really heart felt speech – had a few tears with the guests going thats for sure!

The guests were treated to a relaxed family style wedding breakfast of salmon and meats and delicious salads followed by the most sumptuous desserts which had been made by the groom’s Mum and they all looked amazing!  Yes we did have some rain on this day as you can see from the back of the marquee in this shot but it really did not dampen the spirits of this wedding – the guests were having such a great time!  A few of our appropriately coloured wedding umbrellas just made it all the more fun for guests when dashing for the loo or having piccies outside on the lawn!  The rain didn’t hang around for long and this left time for outdoor activities for the guests after the meal – especially the bride and groom! 
I LOVE this shot!  Well done to Kate and Ben for getting up there and having so much fun! 

It was a real pleasure being involved in this wedding day and helping it to go with such a swing!  Kate is so talented with her design of the day and her creative skills that I may be offering her a job in the not too distant future if she would like one!  The guests were all such a pleasure to deal with.  
There is a lovely video highlights about this day which was filmed by Ollie of  7876 Films which you can access via this link so do take a look as its beautiful and just adds to these lovely images. 
Many congratulations Katie and Ben and lots of love for the future 

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