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Ok so we have taken a few months to get this blog perfected for public viewing but here it is!  We are very excited to share with you some of our favourite pictures from this truly individual wedding.  The wedding of Anna & Nico took place at Honeybrook Farm in Wimborne. You may not be aware that Honeybrook is available for your wedding as this is a fairly recent addition to what Honeybrook can offer. The farm is perfect for those who want something a little bit rustic and different in a relaxed and family friendly environment with some really unusual photo opportunities and great space to make your own for your wedding day – thats exactly what we helped Anna and Nico to do
Anna and Nico’s wedding day really was something a little different. They decided that they wished to have a very intimate ceremony to start the day with just themselves and their witnesses inside the Parlour Rooms while their guests assembled outside in the cottage gardens for the outside ceremony (oblivious to the fact their friends were getting married behind the doors!).  That was such a lovely touch for them to share that special time on their own and then greet their guests with the “official” bit having already complete.  We think this is a perfect way to share special time together if you prefer a more intimate ceremony.

 The happy couple appearing before their guests following their intimate ceremony in the Parlour Rooms
Anna and Nico enjoying the Cottage Gardens

After that first ceremony Anna and Nico chose to have a second ceremony for their exchange of rings which took place in the gardens of the Farm – under the trees of Alder Tree Grove – perfect outside ceremony which allowed them to have a completely outdoor ceremony which their guests could be part of.  They chose to exchange their rings at this ceremony and also readings were carried out in Nico’s native Italian as well as in English and Orders of The Day were also handed out in both languages so that all guests could truly be part of what was happening throughout the day.  We set out all the chairs for them in two semi circles so that Anna and Nico could be in the centre.

Guests were wowed by the stunning voice of a close friend of the couple who sang  Eva Cassidy’s “Songbird” and as the couple left their second ceremony the guests formed an arch to greet the bride and groom on to the start of their celebrations

A lovely family shot
Anna with Beccy who sang during the Alder Tree Grove ceremony
Anna and Nico with a photo opportunity with one of the farm vehicles
Even the kids did not miss out on the tractor – they were treated to tractor rides around Honeybrook which was great fun for them and really entertaining between the ceremonies and the reception 
The children were entertained in a field all of their own with lots of entertainment all through the day with tipi tents full of different games and crafts
Even the bride did not get away from a bit of work at this wedding – gifts for the speeches transported in traditional Farm style

One of Anna’s friends presented her with personalised wedding wellies for the day – so cute!
Anna sporting her personalised wellies!  The weather was kind but any excuse to get them on to have a wander around the Farm
Lovely picture of the new Mr and Mrs at the stone circle following the outdoor ceremony 
 Anna having some fun with her wedding gown
Anna and her daughter enjoying a performance from her new husband which was a wonderful addition to the reception – he had secretly been rehearsing a song to sing to his new wife in Italian and it was beautiful and not a dry eye in the house!  Well done Nico!
Guests then enjoyed traditional barn dancing in the marquee which we had decorated in true barn style complete with hay bales and lovely handmade bunting which one of Anna’s friends had made for her.  A feast of Italian food then followed for the guests before garden games and photographs around the Farm and then onto the evening celebrations 
We decorated the pathways and all the trees leading to the marqee in the Apple Orchard with lots of lanterns and candles and as night fell the place felt magical
The guests moved through to the tipi tent field for a sing song around the camp fire as evening fell
The fiddlers entertaining the guests
The guests set off Chinese lanterns to end the evening
We were asked to come on board to help Anna and Nico just a few weeks before the wedding for our on the day coordination service because there were a lot of elements to their day which had to have a good weather plan and a “not so good” weather plan so there was a lot of coordination required on the day itself and we were delighted to be there to help things run smoothly.  This was certainly not a straight forward day but we know how grateful Anna and Nico were to have us on board to deal with the smooth running of the day and helped to relieve some of that stress which inevitably can creep into any wedding day – especially one as complex as this.  We were delighted to receive a the most wonderful testimonial from Anna for which we are truly thankful.
Our favourite picture of the newly weds – congratulations Anna and Nico on your marriage and we wish you a lot of love and luck for the future and well done on braving a very different style of wedding – bucking lots of trends and being very invidual in what you wanted for your day.  We were proud to be part of it and helping you make it work.  
If you are interested in speaking to us about our on the day coordination service please let us know

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2 thoughts on “Real Weddings – Anna & Nico – Down on the Farm

  1. !As all of the guests, I also enjoy the day.
    I had the time to do all the things I wanted to do such as talk to people, dance, drink, eat, play and off course get married. I didn’t have to deal to any issues, problems, change of plan etc…and you know why? Because everything was planned to perfection. For once someone else did the hard work and left us to enjoy the day.
    Thanks a lot again Melanie, you did a great job

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