Anna & Nico

Final Three Month Plan

When I decided that after 15 years and 3 children it was time to tie the knot, I immediately ruled out the idea of having a wedding planner for 2 reasons. Firstly, the expense (my budget was quite small) and secondly I thought I was more than capable of organizing an event myself as I have done many in the past, albeit not weddings. Naively, I wasn’t daunted by the prospect of 100 adults, 50 children and a venue that had only just got its licence. I gave myself a year to sort it all out. However when I signed up for the package on offer at my chosen venue, I found planning services were included.

At first my preconceived ideas were proved true, my planner was not more capable than me and it soon transpired that she was very inexperienced. However, I was later to discover that even a mediocre wedding planner would be better than none at all when she resigned a month before my wedding! I suddenly realized there were not enough hours in the day to tie up all the ends and I was going to need some help. Panic set in. Luckily for me one of my friends knew Melanie and had recommended her when I first said I was getting married.

The venue said I could bring in my own planner as theirs had let me down and so I had the green light to call her. It took a bit of negotiating, but very kindly Melanie agreed to come on board. Within hours I realised what I had been missing and how arrogant I’d been to think I could do it all by myself. Melanie knows everyone and everything connected with weddings, she is precise, efficient and leaves no stone unturned. She was quick to turn a potential disaster into a real success. We met at the venue and I walked her round the site and talked her through my visualization of the wedding. She was able to raise issues I hadn’t thought of and the venue were unaware of due to their inexperience. I felt confident that she could iron out all the problems and she didn’t disappoint me.

Melanie was great at paving the way; when my hairdresser pulled out, she gave me another number and when I called the lady I didn’t have to waste my time explaining the situation because Melanie had already spoken to her and prepped her for my call. She chased up service providers on my behalf and got the venue into gear for me. Her attention to detail was excellent. She saved me lots of money on little things like cake knives, lanterns and other equipment she lent out and she negotiated better deals with the marquee company. She spotted things I wouldn’t have noticed until it was too late , like a missing curtain in the marquee to divide the food prep area off from the guests, and had it resolved immediately.

On the day Melanie was incredibly professional and made sure everything was ready taking the pressure off my family, she was discreet but present at all times, beavering away quietly behind the scenes ensuring everything flowed smoothly. She was their early and made the gardeners weed the orchard where we were to entertain our guests, as it didn’t meet her high standards. I would have been embarrassed to ask at such a late stage.

Melanie’s gift is that she can combine balls with diplomacy – she is polite yet forceful and gets things done. She also deserves a medal for the diplomatic way she dealt with my lovely mother who was overly helpful to the point of tidying things away before we had even used them! Our day was amazing; I didn’t have to worry about a thing and was able to concentrate on enjoying myself. For the most part this was down to Melanie, my only worry in urging you to use her for your event is that everyone will find out how good she is and there will not be enough of her to go round. Judging by the swift reply to my emails, Melanie thinks nothing of burning the candle at both ends and I am seriously worried that there will not be enough hours in the day for her to get any sleep at all!