Catherine & Will

Final Three Month Plan

Melanie, I wanted to email you and say what a fantastic job you did at our wedding. I know we weren’t an easy one to deal with exactly but you handled it as if it was a piece of cake (which I know it was not!). I honestly don’t think the wedding would have taken place had you not been there to deal with the various catastrophes and iron out all the other little details I’d not thought of. Instead, I enjoyed every minute of the day which I honestly didn’t expect. It was all just so beautiful, everything ran so smoothly and you turned the marquee from an ugly duckling in to a swan under some pretty mean circumstances – I do not know how you remain so calm! I also noticed all the little extras like the paper lanterns and candles that you’d put out, which made such a difference. I can’t tell you how highly I recommend you. You literally thought of everything. You were wonderful!