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Green House Hotel / Full Plan

If you are unsure whether you really need a wedding planner, read on! I have always been keen on the idea of having someone organise my wedding but my partner was concerned about whether it would just be an unnecessary and lavish expense or actually worthwhile. We decided to bite the bullet and after a couple of false starts, found Bellissimo Wedding planners online. Soon after we met with Melanie and were immediately taken by her friendly, professional and confident manner. She listened carefully to our sketchy ideas and after only a few select questions from her we were on the same wave length. She has a fantastic ability to verbalise exactly what we had imagined and contextualise ideas into reality. Her suggestions opened up extra avenues that we had not even considered but with the benefit of hindsight, became those special little details that defined the day for us and our guests. To top it all, her infectious enthusiasm was so refreshing and reinforced that we had made the right decision to employ her services.

Like many people we lead busy lives but we still wanted to have a fabulous wedding that our guests would remember as the best one for years to come. I can not stress enough how fantastic it was to know that you have that person working diligently in the background to make your special day happen and all you had to do is answer the emails/phone calls and have the occasional meeting to facilitate it taking shape exactly as we had wanted. Her calm and confident manner did much to dispel our stress and fear, nothing was too much trouble or beyond Melanie’s abilities (not even constant stationary revisions). The run up the the big day all passed in a giddy blur but I remember thinking what on earth we would have done without Melanie at the helm to make things happen and take all the stress away.

Driving up to the venue the day before was great, there was nothing to worry about; apart from what to wear for our special family meal the night before (although I’m sure Melanie could have sorted even that, had we asked). On the actual day Melanie and Nicolle were there bright and early to ensure it all ran according to plan and oh boy it worked like a well oiled machine. From the moment we walked down the aisle until we finally fell into bed exhausted at midnight, we were completely free to enjoy every moment of our day. It all ran like clockwork but with a subtlety and attention to detail that delighted us at every stage.

I could go on and on but I shall finish with this final statement: Melanie and Nicolle from Bellissimo Wedding Planners are worth their weight in platinum. They will provide you with your perfect wedding day with professionalism, competence, and a no stress experience that will exceeded all your expectations. I cannot recommend them enough, you will not regret your decision to choose Bellissimo Wedding Planners to organise your special day!