Sally – Mother Of The Bride

Highcliffe Castle / Final Three Month Plan

I can’t believe it’s almost 6 months since my daughter Caitlin married. I was totally anti ‘wedding planning’ but also like most people, lead a very busy life . Caitlin found Melanie and Bellissimo in Brides magazine and quietly suggested that we could do with some help with three months to go before the big day. I am a pretty organised person as is Cait, and was therefore quite sceptical but went along with the suggestion as we were both so busy and Caitlin quite rightly felt that things were going to get a lot more demanding in all sorts of ways as the big day approached.
We bit the bullet, spoke with Melanie, skyped for half an hour as Melanie was abroad, met, and as a result decided that it was a ‘no-brainer’ and that we should go with Bellissimo! Melanie was so easy to talk to , totally supportive, reassuring and wonderfully professional.

She was a joy to work with, always calm, but at the same time extremely productive and resourceful.

Best of all she completely relieved us of all the steadily mounting pressure without us feeling that we , or our ideas, were being marginalised in any way. The weight was completely lifted from our shoulders.

On the day, Melanie was on hand throughout making sure that everything went to plan, orchestrating whilst unobtrusive, and generally being totally brilliant. Nothing was too much trouble, and all the little things that inevitably crop up and cannot be anticipated were sorted. It was all about attention to detail and being proactive, and Melanie, not to mention her team, just nailed it.

Thankyou so much Melanie, you took all the pressure off me and made the day so wonderful for all of us. I don’t know if you have thought of going international but several of our overseas guests asked if they could have a ‘Melanie’ for their forthcoming childrens’ weddings!