Caitlin & Phil

Highcliffe Castle

Photos courtesy of David Wheeler Photography

Caitlin and Phil’s wedding was a beautiful wedding to plan but we didn’t have much time! The family approached us at Christmas 2014 after booking their wedding venue and then as very busy people they realised that they could do with some help with finding the perfect suppliers to bring their spring wedding to life and someone who could be responsible for bringing it all together.  We worked closely with the couple and with the parents of the Bride which was so much fun and a total pleasure.  The lead up to the day involved bringing a lot of plans together for them and arranging meetings at the venue and with suppliers to make final decisions on things such as flowers, decorations and lighting at the venue.  We were on hand on the day to help with the Bridal party getting ready at the house and also at the venue to make sure all the suppliers arrived as planned and we helped with the decoration and styling of the venue for the reception and evening reception.  We were also on hand at the Church to make sure the Church was perfect for the Brides arrival and to see the Groom and the Groomsmen into the Church properly with all buttonholes present and correct!  We greeted the Bride on arrival to the Church and made sure that the entrance and ceremony ran completely smoothly.

We loved planning this wedding and working with Caitlin and Phil and her family was a total joy and we hope to keep in touch with them for the future x

Images courtesy of David Wheeler Photography