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To some Brides and Grooms, the Photographer at their wedding is the most important decision of all. They capture the moments, the memories and the emotions of the day for people to look at for years to come and for the couple to cherish on their anniversaries. Nowadays, the wedding industry is open to all sorts of photography styles, even though the classic and formal is still very accepted and loved too.

We thought it would be interesting to look at the latest wedding photography trends, and the styles that are still used around the world and have been for many years. Not every style would work at every wedding, but they are creative and different and that is what we love!

Proposal Shots

Grooms (and Brides) are capturing their special moment by arranging their photographer to shoot their proposal and be in place at the date and time! (or using a selfie stick- new trend in itself). We think it is a lovely idea for friends and families to re-live the moment as many aren’t around at the time of the proposal. This trend is growing quickly across the globe and we can see why!

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Incorporating Instagram

Couples are using social media in their weddings around the world, to capture the day from their friends and families point of view. Creating a hashtag on Instagram, e.g. #smithandguywedding, allows users to search the hashtag and find all of the photographs taken from the special day. A lot of couples have said that it is lovely to see their wedding from a different angle and see the moments that they may have missed. We do think too many mobile phones at a wedding is a no-go though!

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Stop-motion Wedding Photography

This is a fantastic type of photography which captures the couples in a still moment and then the photographer animates them. Photographers who specialize in this style have said that it works especially well for a short video to put on their website or on the couple’s social media. It can also be sent in an email to friends which is a lovely idea for the people who couldn’t make it! This style would be best suited for couples who would want ‘styled’ photos on their day.

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Adventure Sessions

A fantastic photographer, Carey Nash, based in Canada, shoots Adventure Sessions. These are photo-shoots organised for Brides and Grooms after their wedding day, in an epic location somewhere in the world. We absolutely love this idea and think they are a fantastic addition to the wedding album.

The back-drops to these photographs are stunning and not everyday wedding photos! We expect to see this trend being adopted around the world soon.

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First Look

This wedding photography trend has been around for a few years now, and is still very popular. A ‘first look’ is a photograph taken of the Groom and the Bride seeing each other before the wedding ceremony; this is taken away from the ceremony and is a moment shared so preciously by just the couple (and the photographer) before their vows. We do like this idea and think it is very special for the couple, however we also like the traditional moment of the Groom seeing the Bride first when she walks down the aisle and that is when the emotion is seen by everyone.

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Father and Daughter First Looks

Absolutely adore this idea and it is very emotional even to just look at the photographs. As the tradition stands, the Father of the Bride travels in the car with the Bride, and then gives his daughter away to the Groom. Therefore, to capture the moment of when the Father sees his Daughter in white and all grown up, we think, is very special! We also think it is lovely that Brides are taking some time out of their special day to spend time with their Dads. This idea would also work very well with Mummies!

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Pre-Wedding/Engagement Shots

Another trend that has been around for a few years, but is still loved by many and being adopted by more and more photographers. We think it is good for couples that aren’t used to being photographed together and it is also beneficial for the photographer as they are able to get to know the couple a little more and put them at ease.

Choosing a location near to the wedding venue works really well, as well as adding something meaningful to the photo-shoot.

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Rock the Frock/Trash the Dress

A very brave trend to adopt by Brides! As they only wear the beautiful, clean white gown for one day, why keep it hidden away in the wardrobe? Rock the Frock/Trash the Dress contrasts stunning and elegant dresses against an out of place location. Brides are ‘destroying’ their bridal dresses after their special day in a numerous ways, including immersing under water and covering their gown in bright paint. This trend is rapidly gaining fans around the world. We salute the Brides who are brave enough to do this!

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We are sure that more trends will be started next season, and we look forward to seeing them and blogging about them!

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