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For all those starting to think about weddings for 2011 here are a few bits and pieces that could give you a kick start in the right direction.

Beautiful bridesmaids dresses from the Veromia 2011 collection.
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The Wedding Dress is one of the most important elements to the day 2011 will see some changes to the dresses we are seeing in fashion at the moment in 2010. 2011 gowns are set to be embellished with many dimensional details, lots of hand stitched crystals and large floral appliques, this years fashion of ruffles will be replaced with embellishments being used to add volume to the gown.

Beautiful dress from Benjamin Roberts Enzoani collection for 2011 
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The very popular Swarovski crystals will stick around in 2011 and will be used in the center of tiny floral appliques as well as large crystals used to embellish the entire gown, feathers are even set to make an appearance on the gowns to create something that truly looks like a fairytale.

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Colour wise the traditional ivory will of course still appear but colors such as pink,vanilla, an antique ivory,pearl violet and an ice blue are set to make an appearance on the bridal catwalks. Bridesmaids will move into wearing jewel bright colours and colours that co-ordinate.

Hair accessories to accompany the dress will stick with this years headband trend and will see fascinators make a huge appearance with all those attending the wedding being able to get on board with the trend. Birdcage veils can be accessorized with vintage brooches, flower corsages can be be attached to tiaras and pretty much anything can be used to make a bespoke fascinator.

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As far as the wedding day goes its set to become extremely feminine and frilly with the vintage elements still proving very popular. Despite the vintage theme still sticking around for 2011 will be the turn of bright and tropical colours to be used. Some color combination’s you could use for your big day: Olive or khaki green, Cherry and luscious lime,Purple,Peach and Pearl, Black and Silver, Mocha and Pink,Yellow, Light Grey and Pink, Hot Pink, Chocolate and Cream, Orange.

Beautiful Peach and Pearl Wedding cake
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Now on to the day itself – we are finding that some trends are developing with couples choosing to have a smaller affair – more intimate.  We are finding that couples are not so scared these days to scale down the wedding to include only the close family and friends for the main part of the day and possibly having a smaller celebration following the ceremony – possibly a favourite restaurant and going to town on a smaller number rather than having a larger number of people at their wedding celebration but having to cut back on the type or amount of food or trimmings that the bride and groom can afford to supply.  Using the couples home or home of the family is also quite popular.

We are also discovering that quite a lot of couples now choose to have a reception during the day following the ceremony but dont necessarily go into the evening – this is a great way of saving money on the overall spend but also it means that there is no pressure for evening entertainment, food, or that additional “wow” factor or avoiding that sometimes difficult lull or period between the day and the evening.  Couples who have chosen to it this year have really enjoyed the lack of pressure and avoiding the really long day and have gone off in the evening around 5/6pm either on their own to enjoy a romantic meal together or a meal or cocktails with close family.  Sounds like bliss!

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Well these are just trends and its what “they” say but we say hang on to your individuality and don’t necessarily do what everyone else is doing – find what inspires you and what says something about you when planning your wedding.  Let it be a reflection of your personalities and your relationship.  To hell with trends if thats what you want to do!  Are you planning a wedding for 2011 and 2012? What plans are you making?  We would love to hear from you

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