What’s Hot This Summer?


Summer Weddings

We adore weddings whatever the season, but there is something special about summer days, with warmer water and cold drinks, longer days and the shining sun. If you’re having a summer wedding and you need some inspiration as to how to make it unique and perfect for the season then have a look at these trends which are popular at weddings for this time of year.


1) Wine Smoothies are cold, frosty, refreshing and current. These smoothies are popular this summer and are made with rose wine, berries and ice blended. Try mixing it with white wine instead and mango and peaches.

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2) Signature Wedding Cocktails are a brand new way to make your guests remember your wedding as extra personal.  Design your own cocktail and name it after a memory you and your other half share!


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3) Green Iced Tea is a delicious refreshing drink, perfect for the hot days. As green tea is becoming a more popular health trend in the UK, try making this cocktail for a twist on the tea. Use the below recipe and see if you would be interested in serving it at your wedding! Be sure to let us know what you think.

1 Numi Decaf Ginger Lemon Tea bag

3 oz. fresh cucumber juice

1½ oz. tequila

Splash of lemon juice

Infuse one tea bag in tequila for thirty minutes, then remove bag, squeezing out excess. Combine and stir ingredients. Serve on the rocks. Garnish with lime wedge.

Recipe found on: http://www.bridalguide.com/planning/wedding-reception/summer-signature-cocktails


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Rustic Charm

Glamorous and sparkle is in all year round, however have you thought about choosing something different and perfect for this season? Farm Settings (take a look at our Wilkswood venue) are perfect for hosting rustic decorations by adding a ‘relaxed’ feel to the wedding for all of the guests. Have a look at the below photos if you think you would be interested in going for a different theme.


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Bright Colours

Summer is all about bright colours and loud shades. See what you think of a colourful wedding trend for this summer!

Steve Gerrard Photographybe-bold-we-reveal-the-hottest-wedding-colours-for-2014-2



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We hope this post has given you some sizzling inspiration for your special day! Have a lovely summer to all of our readers and enjoy soaking up the sun (hopefully!).


Bellissimo Team x



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